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                         A Short Musical Bio

                  Steve Parker (banjo), Jim Mueller (fiddle),
                       Mt Airy, NC, 1989

A Few Highlights

My musical career started on the ukulele at 8 years old.  Over the years I've played a number of instruments at various skill levels, including clarinet, cello, guitar, fiddle and tuba.  I have finally settled on the banjo and the mandolin as my primary instruments.  I taught an old-time mandolin workshop at McCabe's Guitar Store in Santa Monica, CA for some years and have served as a tutor on these instruments at festivals from Southern California to Fiddle Tunes at Port Townsend, WA.  I've performed at numerous concerts and dances over the years, including 2 years with the Growling Old Geezers String Band.  My proudest achievements have been the authorship of 2 ragtime music books: Ragtime for Fiddle and Mandolin and 16 Original Piano Rags and my latest book, 150 Hot Tunes for Fiddle & Mandolin.  I created this website to make my books readily available and to help the spread of ragtime music.             Steve Parker

         Steve Parker (mandolin) and Dick Mason (guitar)
         performing in a ragtime concert
in Pasadena, CA,
         May 5, 1984

Ragtime for Fiddle & Mandolin, has a number of my drawings of famous musicians.  To see additional examples of my artwork, please visit the website: 
and click on a Gallery to the right of my photo.


                        Steve painting, 1984               Topanga Canyon Banjo-Fiddle Contest:
                                                                      Judging mandolin and banjo with John
                                                                      Zehnder (left), Jack Aldrich (center)
                                                                      and Steve Parker (right) -- 2004
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